June 16, 2018

Manicure 2018: great ideas in soft pink color (PHOTOS)

Every fashionista knows that to date, no nail Polish no way. After all, a manicure completes the look and makes it more flavorful and refreshing. You couldn’t even believe myself, how can refresh a manicure. And most importantly, the manicure is the business card of the fashionistas, because the first thing that you notice is the handle of fashion. Hand fashionistas can learn a lot and to characterize any person. As for the window it was a Sunny day, down from a nail palette of dark shades, I want freshness, lightness and of course romance. Here all the listed qualities have a pink color, which not only refreshes the image of our beauties, but also makes it romantic and just perfect. The same pink manicure easily combined with a wide palette of shades starting from pastel and light and ending with dark undertones. We have selected for you are irresistible a fresh manicure in soft pink shades!


Подольская правда

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