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The Ugly Manicure

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Thank goodness not everyone likes the same style or the same color. It would be a very bland world indeed.

There are however some manicures that make you pause and wonder why anyone thought that was a good idea. The color is wild, the nails are too sharp, and sometimes you wonder how anyone can function with nails “like that”.

Take for example getting extremely long fingernails. How does anyone drive a car, open a door, scratch their head, or even use the bathroom with those nails? A wild tattoo is one thing, but it’s just design. A manicure with strange or wildly long nails becomes a functional issue.

Nevertheless, you can have any nail design or length you want. It’s up to you. Just be prepared for feedback like “that’s an ugly manicure”, or “those are just plain ugly” or “What where you thinking?”

The true contrarian will be fine with all this. They may be used to reaction from wild hair, body piercings or funky clothes. They may even relish the idea of shocking the world with an offbeat manicure.

It can be fun to extract a reaction from others with an ugly manicure or one that seems unworkable. The nice thing about manicures is that they can be reversed. It’s not like a tattoo that can not easily be removed without a lot of pain and expense.

To each her own. If you want to show the world your wild side, go for it.